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GLORIA (for SATB choir, soprano, piano, organ, timpani, and optional brass)               GLORIA is a rousing five movement work for SATB choir featuring a lovely extended soprano solo and accompanied by piano, organ, timpani, and optional brass. A stunning concert work!                                                                                                                                    VIEW AND LISTEN        PURCHASE                 

TENNYSON FOUR (a cappella SATB) “The Bugle” A beautiful setting with rich colors which brings out the rugged and epic imagery of the text. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“The Throstle”  This lively work evokes excitement of nature as the cold of winter transitions into warmer seasons VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“A Child’s Grave” 
This lovely, poignant setting expresses the emotions of love, loss, and family in a rich, lush choral texture. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Crossing the Bar” This setting captures the haunting, yet optimistic, spiritual quality of the text and evokes the moving imagery of the sea that has made this poem a timeless favorite. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

THREE ENGLISH SONGS (a cappella TTB) Accessible arrangements of traditional folk songs. Great for all male ensembles, especially smaller choirs and emerging men’s voices.

1. “Once I Loved a Maiden Fair” VIEW AND LISTEN  PURCHASE




1. “Where Go the Boats?”  A lush vocal arrangement with lilting piano part captures the essence of the inspirational text. The perfect selection for high school, college or community choirs! VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

2. “From a Railway Carriage” A rollicking SATB a cappella selection that evokes the feel of train travel through a driving rhythmic motif. A challenging yet accessible selection that will be great fun for choristers and audience alike. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

3. “I Know Not How It is with You” This inspiring octavo is very accessible for all ages, (also available for solo/unison voices) An outstanding choice for graduations and commemorative events! VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

THREE SPIRITUALS (a cappella SATB) Dynamic a cappella arrangements which are accessible for most mixed choirs and ideal for emerging voices.

1. “Heaven Bound Soldier”  VIEW AND LISTEN  PURCHASE

2. “I’m Troubled in Mind”  VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

3. “De Ol’ Sheep Done Know de Road”  VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE


“Blow, Gideon Blow!” (SATB) This rousing a cappella selection is has the feel of spiritual with a clever text. A swinging arrangement that is appropriate for concert or church. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Civil War Medley” (SATB w/piano)   A lively selection that includes two traditional favorites, “Marching Through Georgia” and “Goober Peas”. A fun and accessible arrangement for mixed choirs of all ages! VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Click Go the Shears” (TTBB)   A rousing arrangement for Men’s choir of a traditional Australian Folk Song, guaranteed to give swagger your male ensemble with a taste from “down-under”. VIEW AND LISTEN  PURCHASE

“Coffee Grows on White Oak Trees” (SATB w/piano) A lively American folk song that features a slow introduction with lush harmonies, then launches into a rollicking gallop with energetic exchanges between treble and low voices. Accessible for mixed choirs of all ages. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Cow Tipping” (TBB w/piano) Give some extra beef to your men’s repertoire with “Cow Tipping” for TBB voices and piano, a riotously funny song about an urban fad of the 1980’s. With lots of solo opportunities and tight, accessible harmonies, this will be a favorite of every male ensemble. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Daybreak” (SATB w/piano) This bold setting of the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem captures all of the rich imagery of this colorful text. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Exultate Justi”  (SATB)   Enjoy this lively syncopated setting of Psalm 33 for a cappella mixed choir. Accessible for all mixed choirs, this selection is excellent as a concert work, anthem, or introit. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Guide My Feet” (SATB) A robust arrangement for a cappella mixed choir that is rhythmic with rich harmonies, and accessible for most mixed choirs. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Lahaina Town” (SATB) with music by Jason Heald and lyrics by Tonnie Bernhardson Written in response to the devastating wildfire on Maui. This lovely song with its poignant and inspirational lyric is also available for SAB, 2-part, and solo/unison voices. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Market Women’s Cries” (SSAATTBB) A lively setting of three quirky poems by Jonathan Swift, “Market Women’s Cries” features rhythmic motives and lush harmonies, and captures the humorous and satirical nature of the text. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“O Vos Omnes” (TTBB)  A lush, dark setting for Men’s Choir, written in memory of the victims of the shooting at Umpqua Community College on October 1, 2015. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Paint My Room Black”, (2 part w/piano) A humorous look at the relationship between children and their parents through a child’s eyes, this up-beat arrangement features lots of unison passages and is very accessible for younger singers. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Petty-ness” (unison/2 part voices w/piano) Everyone loves to sing about animals! , here is a delightfully amusing song about pets. An excellent choice for younger singers, “Petty-ness” is appropriate as a solo, duet, or for choirs of all sizes. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Sacred Soundbytes” (SATB) An intriguing text that tells the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ through first-person quotations taken from the Gospels. These statements weave into a detailed and compelling drama, and are presented in a rich, exciting a cappella vocal setting. A wonderful and challenging selection for church or concert.  VIEW AND LISTEN   PURCHASE  

“Sakura” (SATB and Taiko percussion)   This stunning, dynamic composition combines “Sakura” with “Kimigayo”, the national anthem of Japan. Commissioned by Consonare Chorale and Portland Taiko, “Sakura” features dense, rich harmonies with blistering percussion, and runs the gamut from delicate lyricism to rousing primitive rhythms.a The full score includes percussion parts for standard orchestral percussion. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Sanary” (SATB w/piano) A beautiful setting of a poem by Katherine Mansfield, this composition is very accessible for all mixed choirs. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Song for the Four Parts of the Night” (SATB w/piano) This haunting setting of a poem by Owl Woman, (Juana Maxwell), a medicine woman of the Papago Indians, features a text that was to be sung over a sick person at four intervals throughout the night. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Sonnet XVII” (Te Amo) (SATB w/harp)   A lush, vibrant setting of a poem by Pablo Neruda. The lilting feel of the harp provides a sensual, hypnotic backdrop for this timeless text. The harp part is included with the score. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“To a Waterfowl” (SATB)   An a cappella setting of William Cullen Bryant’s timeless poem, this lush, meditative composition is perfect for concerts, graduations, and general church use. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Two Japanese Lullabies” (SATB)    A lovely English setting of two Japanese poems, offering a both humorous and poignant look at motherhood. Fun for mixed choirs of all ages. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

“Two Sea-nic Songs”  (SATB w/piano)   This rousing arrangement combines traditional sea chanteys “Blow, Ye Winds” and “Greenland” into a lively medley. Very accessible for all mixed choirs and available in SATB and SAB voicings. VIEW AND LISTEN PURCHASE

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