Vocal Jazz Collection

 And the Band Played On  MP3
And the Band Played On is a blazing swing arrangement of an early Tin Pan Ally classic. It features tight, horn-like harmonies with a unison bop soli section. An exciting and novel chart that is a great opener or closer. 

  Barbecue  MP3  
Barbecue is a steamy Latin tune, in the style of Jobim, features tight vocal harmonies and a provocative lyric. Arranged for SATB, it includes a saucy alto solo and a sizzling vocal percussion break. A hip chart with that classic Latin feel!
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 Barcelona  MP3  
Barcelona is a hot samba with a catchy text. Scored for SATB, it is very accessible for vocalists and rhythm section. 
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  Before I Say Goodbye  MP3  
Before I Say Goodbye  is an emotive jazz ballad; a great feature for a female torch singer! 

 Chances Are  LINK
Chances Are is a wonderfully authentic SATB arrangement of the romantic ballad by Johnny Mathis. A terrific tenor feature that is accessible for mixed choirs of all ages!
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  Closer than Mars  MP3  
Closer than Mars is a sulty, Latin song with a distinct Jobim flavor and a slightly provocative lyric. The chart features an alto solo with tight, cool harmonies.
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 Dinah   LINK  
Dinah is a smoking hot arrangement of the Tin Pan Ally tune, complete with call and response solo section, drum solo, and shout chorus.
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 Heroes  MP3  
Heroes is an SAB setting of a song commissioned by the BLM as a memorial to fallen firefighters. This ballad features a lovely female solo. 
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 Hey Jude  LINK
Hey Jude TA delightful arrangement for SAB choir. This daring but accessible arrangement begins i a very Beatle-esque fashion, but soon ventures into other styles including an a cappella reggae verse and brief madrigal interlude, then finishes up with a big, classic Beatle finale. A great showstopper for mixed choirs of all ages!
 Hit the Road, Jack!  MP3  
Hit the Road, Jack! is a romping a cappella arrangement of the Ray Charles classic! This familiar chart is scored SATB with a tenor solo. A real crowd pleaser!
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 I'll See You In My Dreams  LINK
I'll See You In My Dreams This dynamic uptempo arrangement begins as a quick samba and blooms into a blistering swing groove. An excellent selection for solos and includes a fiery bebop shout chorus. A terrific opening or closing number!

 In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening   LINK
In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening is a great swinging song from the Big Band Era, penned by two of the masters of American songwriting, Johnny Mercer and Hoagy Carmichael. Arranged for SATB voices in the style of the Harry James Orchestra, "in the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening" features a female soloist and is sure to be a crowd pleaser! 
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 Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?  LINK
Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby? is a hard swinging SATB arrangement of the Louis Jordan hit. This chart features a female soloist backed by vocal "horn" kicks, giving it an authentic big band sound. A great tune for instrumental and vocal improvisation, too!
  Kathleen Mavourneen  MP3 
Kathleen Mavourneen is a beautiful a cappella arrangement of a traditional Irish ballad. The harmony is warm and lush, with a four part texture that makes it very accessible for most vocal jazz ensembles.

  Kiss from a Rose  MP3
Kiss from a Rose is a modern a cappella arrangement of the Seal ballad that features a tenor soloist. A great crowd pleaser! SATB .  
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 Many Rivers to Cross  LINK
Many Rivers to Cross is a beautiful SATB setting of Jimmy Cliff's emotional ballad. A stunning feature piece for either tenor or alto soloist with a dramatic vocal arrangement. Accessible for mixed choirs of all ages.
 Oregon, My Oregon  MP3  
Oregon, My Oregon is an a cappella vocal jazz setting of the Oregon state song.

 Out of Nowhere  LINK
Out of Nowhere This delightful and accessible SATB vocal jazz arrangement features a Latin-tinged introduction before busting into a brisk swing groove. Lots of room for solos with cool vocal "horn" kicks. A great chart for mixed choirs of all ages!

  Red, White, and Blues  MP3  
Red, White, and Blues is an exciting patriotic medley opens with a lush, a cappella SATB arrangement of the "Mariners Hymn" and finishes with a smoking swing version of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic". The chart features a rousing baritone solo and a unison bop chorus ala Parker and Gillespie. Excellent for scat singing. A first-rate closer!
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 Remind Me  MP3 
Remind Me is a romantic swing ballad featuring a sultry alto solo. 

  Rhumba Girl  MP3 
Rhumba Girl is an up-beat funk chart that features a sassy female soloist. Complete with vocal brass kicks and syncopated breaks, this chart is a high energy crowd pleaser and still remains accessible for most vocal jazz ensembles.
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  The Road Through Paradise  MP3  
The Road Through Paradise is powerful ballad featuring a soprano solo and optional cello obligato.

  Sign On for Freedom  MP3  
Sign On for Freedom is a rock ballad with a great, inspirational message. A wonderful piece that features both a male and female soloist. 
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 Socks  MP3 
A fun chart that is the perfect change-of-pace selection to spice up your program. It's done in a Latin samba setting with opportunites to show off your rhythm section. The lyrics are particularly clever and have fun with a basic part of everyone's wardrobe - "socks". Your group will have a great time with this piece. 
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  The Star Spangled Banner  MP3  
The Star Spangled Banner is a swinging version of a true "old standard". This is a very rhythmic a cappella arrangement that opens with a soprano solo and concludes with bold sophisticated harmonies.
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 Tangerine  LINK
Tangerine This classic big band tune is arranged for SAB voices and alternates between a cool rhumba groove and straight ahead swing. A sophisticated but accessible arrangement for mixed choirs of all ages.
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 That Old Feeling  MP3
That Old Feeling is an a cappella arrangement of the classic jazz ballad. A very emotive, romantic setting, this chart features lush, dense harmonies, but is still very accessible for intermediate and advanced ensembles.
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  Vehicle MP3 
Vehicle is an a cappella arrangement of the Ides of March classic. Complete with tenor solo, crisp vocal percussion and brassy horn kicks, this chart is sure to bring the house down. SATB A cappella.
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  Alaska's Flag  
  Aurora Borealis  
  Galloping Glacier  
  Hero for Hire 
  Turnagain Arm  
Seward's Folly is a vocal jazz tribute to the 49th state, Alaska!


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