Blessing for mezzo soprano and piano

"Blessing" is also available in transpositions for  high and low voices. 

  Blessing .......    MP3   PDF

Labe Sonnets

Louise Labe, (1520-1566), was a female French renaissance poet and trained musician. 

  Sonnet VIII .......    MP3  PDF

  Sonnet XIV  .......   MP3   PDF

  Sonnet XVIII  .......   MP3    PDF

Letters from Mary Todd

The inspiration for Letters from Mary Todd came from a June 26, 2005 Time magazine article on Mary Todd Lincoln. At the conclusion of the article, the author suggested that this frequently maligned First Lady might have advice to share with future First Spouses. This intriguing notion is the basis for the text of Letters from Mary Todd, which explores the parallels between Mrs. Lincoln’s experience in the White House with those of the First Ladies from 1976-2008. Her compelling story is told through a fictional first person narrative which addresses many of the similarities between Mrs. Lincoln and her contemporary counterparts.

  Dear Hillary .......    MP3  PDF

  Dear Betty  .......   MP3   PDF

  Dear Laura  .......   MP3    PDF

  Dear Nancy .......   MP3    PDF

  Dear Rosalynn  .......   MP3   PDF

  Dear Barbara  .......   MP3    PDF

Lighting the Blue Lantern for contralto and piano

"Lighting the Blue Lantern" is a setting of a poem by 16th Century female poet Ho Nansorhon(1563-1589). 

  Lighting the Blue Lantern .......    MP3    PDF

Night Songs for mezzo soprano and guitar

"Night Songs" is a setting of three poems by the prominent female Korean poet Hwang Chin-i (1520-1560). 

  Night Songs .......    MP3  PDF


"Passwords" are settings of three poems by William Stafford.

  The Light by the Barn .......    MP3  PDF

  Evolution  .......   MP3   PDF

  What She Left  .......   MP3    PDF

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